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ES-1000 Engine Electronic Diagnoser

ES-1000 Engine Electronic Diagnoser, an Injectronix’s patent product, is designed to perform more detailed diagnose to pin-point the troubled components on-site of faulty vehicles.


ES-1000 Engine Electronic Diagnoser is the powerful tool to expand the function of traditional engine diagnosis decoder.

Feature as a true multimeter to test electronic engines

1.Engine timing signal generator to activate the ECM of an engine failed running for more in-depth tests

2.Diagnose ECM timing signal related faults, as long as the engine can be cranked to 200rpm

   ·Waveforms of the two timing signals

   ·Angular orientation of the two timing signals

   ·5V power supply for Hall Effect sensor

3.Factory pre-installed Database for wide range of engine models to define timing signals, including waveforms, timing wheel patterns

(teeth or grooves), sensor types (inductive or Hall Effect).

4.Automotive oscilloscope to measure and display waveform of ECM driving signals, such as injector driving signals

5.Measure common rail fuel pressure sensor 

6.The software and database will be upgraded free of charge in one year.


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                  Test Timing Signal                     Simulated Timing Signal


        Test Injector Signal                       Test Rail Pressure

Release to oversee market for Cummins engines from April 2017. Versions for engines by other manufactures are coming soon.

 Option  i-SIM Simulated Injector Module,  to help customer to diagnose ECM on-site of a fault engine.

  i-SIM Simulated Injector Module