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HUI-100 HEUI Tester

HUI-100 is an add-on equipment to test one HEUI injector on a traditional diesel pump test bench, which drives a Bosch CP3 or CP2 pump as the hydraulic high pressure source. It is a most cost effective equipment to fulfill HEUI injector repair tests.



l       CAT HEUI-A injectors

n       CAT 3126B, Ford PowerStroke 7.3L

n       CAT 3408

l       CAT HEUI-B injectors

n       CAT C7

n       CAT C9

l       Ford PowerStroke 6.0L injector, (4-pin connector)


l       I-Box, Injector testing device

n       Modular designeasy to mount the adapter for various type of injectors

n       Internal hydraulic actuation oil rail and injection oil rail

n       Pressure sensor on the device

l       Single type of test oil for both hydraulic actuation and fuel injection

l       Using a traditional Diesel pump test bench to drive a Bosch CP3 or CP2.2 pump as hydraulic actuation oil source

l       E-Box, Electronic Controller

n       Common rail pump control

u     Adjusting PWM signal of the pump inlet flow regulator to control hydraulic actuation pressure

u     Define polarity of the pump

u     Pressure control modes

l       Manual

l       Automatic

n       Injector control

u     Injection frequency, 10 – 1200 injection/min

u     Injection duration0 – 6 msec

n       Single key to switch injection start or stop

u     To ensure a safety operation, when injection is switched OFF, the pump load will be cut to zero immediately, while let injector working continuously until hydraulic actuation pressure dropped below 10bar, then shut down injector signal    

n       Over pressure protection for hydraulic actuation flow

n       Friendly, easy to use 6-key mini-pad and display screen

l       Special tools for repairing all kinds of HEUI injectors 

HUI-100 Standard Package