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EUS-4000 Repair Test Kits for EUP and EUI

Test an EUI or an EUP on a conventional diesel fuel injection pump test bench. Offer adapter kits for most EUIs and EUPs on the world market.

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Test an EUI or an EUP on a conventional pump test bench. Offer adapter kits for most EUIs and EUPs on the world market.

The EUS-4000 repair tester is designed to perform repair tests for different type of Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) and Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP). The tester consists of a mechanical cam box (CB-1000) with customer specified EUI/EUP adapter kits and a modular designed electronic controller (EU-4000).  The CB-1000 cam box is driven by a standard high pressure fuel injection pump test bench. The EU-4000 controller is modular designed to fit customer’s applications for testing various EUI.s/EUPs.
EU-4000 Controller
Testing an EUI Testing an EUP
The tester is capable to test EUI/EUP products for following brands of manufacturers.
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EUI/EUP Applications
Design Features
One cambox for all major EUI/EUP models with corresponding adapters and camshafts
Cambox mounting height 125mm (from the center of camshaft to bench mounting platform) for Bosch type pump test bench
EU-4000 Controller with its modular design may be tailored to meet various customer application.
Customer may upgrade EU-2000 by adding a few more optional modules
EU-4000 is able to detect and enable automatically the installed modules in the system
Base system. Single solenoid EUI/EUP module
      Most of single EUI/EUP on the market
     Cummins CELECT EUI
■ Option. Dual-solenoid module for Delphi E3 EUI
■ Option. Piezo EUI module for VW Piezo EUI
■ Option. Response time measurement module
■ Customer may upgrade EU-2000 by adding a few more optional modules themselves
■ Option. Cummins ISX EUI metering and timing control module kits, including

     Cummins HPI-TP electronic control module

            TP-2000 Hydraulic Module

            Adapter for injectors of Cummins ISX and Scania engines

            Adapter for Injectors of Cummins QSK Series engines

            Hoses and cables
Adjustable Beginning of Injection (BOI) in crank angle degrees
Adjustable injection period (PW) in crank angle degrees
Engine standard cam lobe designs:
Four levels of cam lifts
Constant velocity cam lobe to generate higher injection pressure, 3 times higher than cheap eccentric cams

TP-2000 Hydraulic Module

TP-2000 Hydraulic Module is similar to the IFSM (Integrated Fuel System Module) in a Cummins HPI-TP engine. It sucks fuel from fuel tank, and feeds regulated timing fuel flow and metering fuel flow to the HPI-TP injector installed on the cam box. The electronic module for Cummins HPI-TP injector in the EU-2000 controller generates signals to drive timing actuator and metering actuator in the hydraulic module. Fuel injection timing and quantity are adjusted on the EU-2000 panel.

The TP-2000 Hydraulic Module contents the following parts

    A gear pump

     A fuel filter of 5μm

     A timing actuator, genuine Cummins part

     A metering actuator, genuine Cummins part

     A pressure adjusting valve and a pressure gauge

     A pressure pulsation damper

     A 70 μm filter plate.