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Injectronix Co., Ltd., established in 2003owns the intellectual properties of electronic diesel fuel injection systems and pushes forward to mass produce the systems including the Electronic Control Module (ECM) in China.


The Company cooperates with Chinese manufacturers of fuel injection equipment (FIE) and diesel engines, to upgrade the diesel engines in production to meet the new Chinese emission regulation (EURO III or higher) for Chinese market.

By taking full advantage of its expertise on electronic diesel fuel injection, The company has released another production line of test equipment for repairing variety of electronic diesel injection systems to serve the automobile aftermarket all over the world.
The Company's headquarter and the R&D center locate in the high-tech park of Beijing Institute of Technology in the heart of the famous Zhong-Guan-Cun High Tech Park. So that the Company is able to gain grow-up potential greatly by taking full advantages of the resources of BIT's laboratories and intelligent manpower.